We are Dottir:
A woman-and-mother-owned online shop based in Richmond, Virginia.

Dottir (pronounced like "daughter") is inspired by the natural beauty of Iceland and the strength and fortitude of its women. In Iceland, girls are given surnames based on their mother or father’s first name combined with the word “dóttir”. Iceland is also more advanced than most countries in the world when it comes to gender equality. When you visit Iceland, you’re surrounded by natural beauty and strong women and you can’t help but be moved.

At Dottir, you'll find natural colors, simple silhouettes, and flattering designs meant to empower the person wearing them as well as carefully-curated products from various female-led businesses from all over the world. 

Want to say hi? Email us anytime at hello@dottir.shop

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The Journal: Raising Dottirs

The Gift Shop is live!

We're so excited to launch our annual gift guide! This year, we've broken down our gifting categories into personality types: the homebody, the fashionista, the minimalist, and the classicalist. And as always,...

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