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We're ready to POP UP!

When we set out planning the launch of Dottir in early 2020, we were so excited at the prospect of planning pop-up shops at local stores, being a vendor at local markets and throwing private try-on parties for local customers. Then covid hit! It's been a rollercoaster 2+ years for all of us but it finally feels like we're getting to a place where we're comfortable planning some in-person Dottir events. And we KNOW you've been waiting for this to happen since our most frequent question from customers is asking if we have a brick and mortar store so they can see our clothes and try them on. 

So now, we're looking for pop-up and market opportunities in Richmond, Charlottesville, Norfolk/VA Beach, and Northern Virginia. If you have leads on anything you think we should know about, email us at or send us a DM on Instagram. 

We also want to launch something we've been teasing for some time now: try-on parties! What does it take to be a try-on host? We bring the shop straight to your house and you invite your best friends over for an evening of fashionable fun. 

We're so excited to finally get a chance to meet our customers in person. It's about time! 

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