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What is a Dottir?

Dottir Shop is inspired by Iceland in many ways.

Dóttir is part of the surname given to girls in Iceland, rather than a family name. Iceland is not only a country full of natural beauty but also a country that consistently tops the World Economic Forum’s survey for gender equality. They are number one in political empowerment amongst women and number one for closing the gender income gap (and aiming to fully close it by 2022). Eighty percent of Icelandic women are in the workforce which analysts believe is one of the reasons for such progressive gender equality figures. Iceland also boasts high percentages of women on company boards and in parliamentary positions.* Yet despite these numbers, Iceland continues to push for more change, more progress. They know the fight is far from over.

To us, a dottir is strong and ambitious and finds power in dressing well. Whether she's working hard as a stay-at-home mother or putting in hours at the office, she finds unique strength in being a woman and strives to inspire other dottirs to do the same. 

A dottir believes femininity and feminism can coexist. 

 We can all be dottirs. 



* Gender Equality in Iceland by Michael Chapman


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Nancy Grant

Love the Dottir concept. Great looks and great prices. Good luck.

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