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Christmas in Iceland

Despite December being the darkest month in Iceland, the country is aglow during this time of year with both the Northern Lights and glittering Christmas lights adorning homes and businesses.

Iceland celebrates Christmas for 26 days-- from December 11th to January 6th. During the first 13 days, Icelanders welcome one Yule Lad (their own version of Santa) to town each day up until Christmas Eve. After Christmas, the Yule Lads depart over twelve nights with the Christmas season ending after the last one leaves town.

The official Christmas celebrations begin promptly at 6pm on Christmas Eve when families share a big dinner and open presents. 

It's Icelandic tradition for everyone to receive at least one book on Christmas Eve and to spend the evening reading. Because so many books are sold in Iceland during this time, it's often called the Christmas Book Flood.

Gleðileg Jól! (Merry Christmas!) We hope your holidays are safe and happy!


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