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20% off apparel + extra 40% off sale (no code needed) ends 5/27


The word for "moon" in Icelandic is tunglið (pronounced "toon-glid"). Did you know there is a publisher called Tunglið in Iceland who only prints books during a full moon (and then burns any unsold copies that same night)? Full moons make people do crazy things. 

Today, October 31st, is a full moon or a "hunter's moon" because it falls in late October. Not only that but it's the second full moon in the month of October so it's also a "blue moon". And it'll be the first time in 76 years where a full moon on Halloween is visible at night to all the time zones in the US. Spooky!

We're celebrating this lunar rarity with a bewitching sale. Today only, take an additional 40% off all sale items with promo code 'FULLMOON'. If you're staying in tonight, it's the perfect time to shop our sale and get yourself a Halloween treat. Sale ends at midnight EST (and we promise we won't be burning the unsold clothing once it's over). Happy Halloween! 


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